Our Client Testimonials

........I am not a very easily pleased person, especially when it comes to my mouth. I have seen a number of dentists, and they all wanted to sell me something I did not need. Then I met Dr. Sibhatu. He was different. He listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. This meant the world to me. He is a kind person and a down to earth overall good and nice guy. I cannot say enough about Dr. Sibhatu, as a person and a dentist. Thanks Dr. Sibhatu for bringing back the smile I never had for a long time. You are the best!Your office staff couldn't be any nicer. You are all terrific! I will always remember how nice and caring all of you have been to me. My wholehearted recommendation of you Dr. Sibhatu. You have obviously chosen the right profession. Keep up the Good work!

Faye, Oakland

.....No one looks forward to going to the dentist, it's generally viewed at best as a painful necessity and at worst as completely terrifying. I used to feel that way. And then I started seeing Dr. Sibhatu at Laurel Smiles Dentistry and my view of dentists was completely changed. Everyone in the office is so friendly and considerate. They genuinely care, not only about my teeth, but about my being comfortable as well. It is such a pleasant surprise to feel such personalized care! Dr. Sibhatu has completely taken away my fear of the dentist. He is an expert at his craft and determined to provide the best possible care to all of his patients. I never thought that a dentist's office would be something I would feel so strongly about, but I find myself recommending Laurel Smiles over and over to all my friends! It is truly dentistry at a higher level!

Becky Wolf

There is something really special about Dr. Sibhatu. To be honest, it wouldn't be fair to just describe in words. All you need to do is to just go schedule a visit and see for yourself. It is extremely difficult to find a good dentist. Dr. Sibhatu provided me the BEST dental experience that I've ever had! He is patient, gentle, and understanding. From my opinion, he goes one step beyond what most dentists have to offer. I felt a little embarrassed when I had a list of questions to ask him during our initial consultation appointment. He didn't mind at all, in fact, he educated me and offered me even more options to help me.
Please don't hesitate further. I recommend Dr. Sibhatu most enthusiastically for all your dental needs and concerns.
J Leung
My name is Tesfu; I am 69 years old. I lost two of my bottom molars and one of my bottom canines six months ago. I was looking for a dentist in Oakland area and fortunately visited Laurel Smile Dentistry located at 3630 Macarthur Blvd. in Oakland. When I went to the office I was impressed with the friendliness and hospitality of Dr. Sibhatu's staff. They offered me coffee or tea as to my choice and TV show while waiting for my appointment. Dr.Sibhatu replaced one of my missing bottom molar with implant to my highest satisfaction. He made ceramic bridge to replace one of the missing canines, which was beyond a repair. Dr. Sibhatu has also implanted one of the upper incisors of my wife and brought her smile back.
I found Dr.Sibhatu very dedicated to excellent job in implant, crowns and bridges. He is honest and treats his patients with respect. My wife and I thank Dr. Sibhatu for his professional job in treating us to have a strong, healthy teeth and gums. He gave us the confidence to smile and laugh with friends and families.
I would like to recommend anyone to have Dr.Sibhatu as his/her or family Dentist.
T Tekle
.....This  visit  was  by  far one  of  the  best  experiences  one could  have  at a dental office. Reconnecting  with Lisa, the hygienist, was  as  if  it  were  just  yesterday not  5  years. Esther, Kris. Mariah and Dr. Sibhatu,  all create  a wonderful, professional team. the  connection  was  instant. Dr. Sibhatu's work and  professionalism  are  tops, my smile looks great again. I am sure I will refer  others to enjoy the service and work put out by your TEAM. Remember  to laugh  today!  
.....Dr. Sibhatu is an excellent dentist who is trained in all the newest techniques of dentistry. He cares about giving the best possible treatment. He throughly explains what needs to be done and what the costs will be. I find him highly professional and extremely cordial and understanding. His office staff is very friendly and helpful which makes it a pleasure to visit the office. Dr. Sibhatu is not only an outstanding dentist, but also outstanding and caring person. I highly recommend him as a dentist.
Carol Blackburn